This ministry has been what our marriage has needed for a long time. We had tried many other types of help, but you gave us the awareness and tools to move toward each other.

John H

We are not attacking each other nearly as much, but trying to understand each other’s core pain we brought into our marriage.

Maggie C

We thank you for restoring our family. I cannot say thank you enough for the time you took with us and the difference your ministry has made to our entire family!

Shelly H

We were on the ropes with huge trust issues in our marriage. Without your insight and caring heart we would be divorced today.

Bill D

Betrayal and mistrust has slowly been replaced with genuine understanding, forgiveness, and an ability to not react to my spouse in such a personal way.

Susan A

Thanks for your unconditional, no pressure approach. I love your appealing to the heart with helping people. I realized I was overpowering my spouse and children with non-appeal judgments. I am working hard at appealing to those I love and they are responding much better to my communication.

Mark F